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Land, Air, and 360 • Order Form

What to Expect

Pre-View (Getting Ready)

  • Submit an Order Form to begin the creation process.
  • We are available onsite, Monday thru Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • A confirmation is sent by email with Service Estimate and Grand Total.
  • Follow-up contact for onsite review is provided before the scheduled shoot date.
  • Rescheduling due to weather and unforeseen circumstances is permitted with mutual availability.  

On-View (On the Day of the Shoot)

  • Upon arrival, and if the agent is onsite, we will offer a “View List” review to note specifics, such as must shoot areas and preferred angles. This process should take about 15-20 mins.
  • Onsite photography and View List review in total may take between 2-3 hours, varied by the number of photos and property size.
  • 3D-Tour (Matterport Dollhouse/Walkthrough) and VIDEO-Tour (Cinematic Highlight), may take between 1-2 hours for each creative, varied by property size. 

You-View (File Delivery and Going Live!)

  • Photo Proofs are available within 24 hours after onsite completion.  
  • 3D-Tour and VIDEO-Tour, Proofs are available within 24 hours after onsite completion. 
  • If multiple creatives are ordered, (photos, video, 3D,) all Proofs are available within 48 hours after onsite completion or otherwise noted in Pre-View process.
  • All Proofs are shared using the Single Property Website with photo gallery, video and 3D player. (Send MLS Listing Full to add details)
  • Once all creatives are delivered as Proof, full payment is due.

Terms of Service

If there are no added services or changes to the original order, the initial Service Estimate Grand Total is your FINAL COST. Reasons that may increase your FINAL COST:

1. EXTEND to COMPLETE - Onsite creative services are provided with a generous amount of time to complete the given order(s). Delays due to onsite cleaning, moving, maintenance, remodeling, re-staging, may limit our time to complete your ordered creatives. You may choose EXTEND to COMPLETE for $60 with up to one (1) hour OR accept only the creatives completed at no additional cost.

2. RETURN to COMPLETE - Such an event when Extend to Complete cannot be processed due to onsite conditions, you may choose to have us RETURN to COMPLETE for $90 with up to one (1) hour and, $60 per addtional hour required to complete the creative tasks.

3. ADDITIONAL EDITING - All final creatives delivered are provided with hours of enhancement and editing. Basic edits requiring less than one (1) hour total will NOT be charged. Request for ADDITIONAL EDITING is offered from $60 per hour.

4. Parking Expense (If required) - Additional costs incurred such as metered parking, valet parking, tip for valet, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Rescheduling due to weather and unforeseen circumstances is permitted with a written notice and by mutual availability.  
  • Cancellation of service without rescheduling requires a $30 Cancellation Fee.

Refund Policy:

Payment/Deposit is NOT REQUIRED until our creatives are delivered as Proof with the Final Invoice.

Accepted Payments:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Master, Discover, AMEX
  • Checks: Business, Personal, E-Check / ACH Transfer
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Please include the full address with City and Zip Code.
Available onsite Monday thru Friday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
The latest start time is from 1:00 PM.
We recommend that the agent or any person with knowledge of the property be present as some details may be overlooked with the given time.
Photo Package: $15 per additional photo (Land, Air, or 360)
Get discount for Virtual Tours with any Photo Package.
3D-Tour: $15 per additional 200 sqft / VIDEO-Tour: 4K Resolution, Extended Final Length, All-Day Shoot are available and require additional details. Please add to "Memo" for a firm estimate.